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General Blackberry Themes We have started to gather the best Blackberry Themes. If there are no themes for your blackberry available yet, come back soon since we will extend our number of available tools as soon as possible!

How can i scan a QR code with my blackberry camera to download content?

Blackberry Appworld Freeware gathers the best Blackberry Freeware which can be downloaded OTA though the official blackberry store

Blackberry OTA downloader is a Blackberry freeware tool which allows you to download OTA files through your desktop

Create-A-JAD creates JAD and ALX files out of COD files, so you can convert OTA files to desktop installer files and vice-versa!

Blackberry JADtool software is the followup desktop downloader for OTA files which is now also able to download JAD and COD files from protected websites

JL_Cmder is a little batch script to manipulate JavaLoader which might be able to recover your blackberry after the desktop redirector can't connect to it anymore, it might be able to recover your frozen blackberry where the official tools fail

BBScreenShooter is a desktop utility which makes it possible to take screenshots from your blackberry device and save them on your computer

Blackberry Connect makes it possible to connect NON-RIM hardware to the blackberry network

Blackberry Video Converter is a free utility that encodes video so you can play it on any RIM Blackberry with an expandable media card (currently the Pearl and 8800). It does this with a simple, intuitive interface that was created with usability in mind.

Minimoni is a freeware GPRS traffic monitor for blackberry

links to some cool Blackberry App world freeware: Blackberry Appworld Freeware

external links:

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Dutch Blackberry Forum: a forum for the Dutch Blackberry users
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