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Blackberry QR Code Reader

Blackberry Messenger QR Code

You have probably already noticed below "weird" images on our website, these are QR codes which can be scanned by your blackberry. yes indeed, you can use your blackberry as some kind of barcode scanner. with this barcode scanner you can "scan" below QR codes, and your blackberry will translate them into readable information. these QR codes will link your device directly to a wireless download, so you won't have to browse on your blackberry anymore to those annoying long URLs, no, just take a picture of the QR code and your blackberry will do the rest!

and now you are probably asking yourself "How can i download applications with a QR Code?" Well, it's simple, you can purchase or download one of the many available QR Barcode scanners OR you can use Blackberry Messenger 5.0 or higher, that's right, you heard it well! Blackberry Messenger v5.0 has now a build in QR Code reader. All you need to do is open blackberry messenger, select the options menu, and choose for "Scan a group Barcode". now hold your blackberry 3 seconds in front of your screen (in front of the QR code) the blackberry will now scan your code and start downloading the content!