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Blackberry Create-A-JAD


With Create-A-JAD for blackberry you can create the companioning JAD or ALX files for your COD files. So from now on you will only need the necessary COD files to create your own Over The Air (OTA) or desktop installer files for your blackberry.

Create-A-JAD blackberry

To create your own desktop or OTA installer files, fill in all required fields, and use your explorer window afterwards to drag all COD files into the largeCOD files conversion field above. afterwards select from the dropdownbox what files you want to generate, click on "create it!" and done!

how to install these different files:

To install your OTA (JAD) files, place all files online, browse through your blackberry to the file with the JAD extension and install it.

To install the ALX desktop installer file, start your blackberry desktop manager and install the files through the software installation option.

To install files using the javaloader, place the created .bat file together with the COD files and the JavaLoader.exe in the same folder and then run the .bat file. (make sure your blackberry is connected to your phone)

Download the blackberry Create-A-JAD tool through the downloadlink below


download the Create-A-JAD tool here