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Truphone is a skype killer for your blackberry which allows you to make cheap calls from your blackberry anywhere around the globe. How it works?
Truphone runs in the background and starts automatically everytime you make a call to any other country. from the moment you have dialed an outside number, Truphone will ask you if you want to make the call over Truphone, when you select ok, Truphone will dial a number in your country, then connect over their internet servers to the country you are dialing, and there the call breaks back out over the local network. in that way you just pay for a local call, and a small fee to Truphone so instead of paying 2$ for a call, you now pay a few cent to your local provider and a few cents to Truphone. this application can really be a moneysaver for frequent travelers!

Truphone for blackberry



  You can download truphone for blackberry here