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Accelgolf Scorcard 4.3


Accelgolftracker for blackberry OS 4.3 or up is a freeware blackberry golfscore tracker, rangefinder, aerial imagery, and play note application for both recreative as professional golfers. follow your friends scores or track your scores by logging in on

simple to use scorecard:

Accelgolf scorecar for blackberry

simple interface:

Accelgolf scorecar for blackberry

with GPS range finder!!!!:

Accelgolf scorecar for blackberry

Feature sets include:

  • Simple, easy to use scorecard where you can track up to four players scores
  • Effortless stroke by stroke entry for statistic generation
  • Play notes for sharing strategies and tips on individual holes
  • Leaderboards for keeping track of those "friendly" games between peers
  • Satellite Rangefinder providing the distance between any two points on a hole (gps not required)
  • GPS Rangefinder giving you the distance to any point on and around the green
  Accelgolf scorecard for blackberry OS 4.3 here