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BBCorrector V0.74 Beta
* BBCorrector is a client/server based Spell Checking application
for the BlackBerry device. It adds 2 system wide menu options
to allow you to perform a spell check on any compatible field
in any BlackBerry application. These menu options are "Spelling"
and "Spelling Suggestion".

How to use:

- install BBCorrector and reboot you BlackBerry
- setup the required parameters in the BBCorrector options screen
- type in your text in a compatible field
- select the "Spelling" menu item
- the spell checking is performed and the mispelled words will be underlined
- move the cursor to each mispelled word and select "Spelling Suggestion" to
select from a list of replacement words


- BBCorrector works on any BlackBerry application that contains a
compatible field, just select "Spelling" from the menu item. If the field is
not compatible, you will be informed that a spell check cannot be performed
on this field. Compatible fields are those fields that provide active regions
that can be highlighted and actions performed on them. For example, the
Messages, Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, MemoPad, etc applications all have
compatible fields. These are the fields that if you type an email address, url or
phone number, they are automatically underlined and you can highlight them to perform
some other action.

- This is a client/server style application. The actual spell checking function is
performed on a server and the results returned back to the BlackBerry via http.
Believe me, I tried writing a client only application but found I could not store
a suitably sized dictionary on the blackberry itself.

- After a spell check is performed on a field, you can cycle through all the mispellings
and correct. If you happen to add/remove data in this field, you'll lose the current
mispellings and you'll have to reissue a spell check. Note that, correcting a
mispelling does not lose the other mispellings.

- An example BBCorrectorServer, written in Perl, is provided. It makes use of Aspell
to actually perform the spell check. Aspell information can be obtained from

How to setup BBCorrector Server under WindowsXP

1) Install Perl (

2) Install Aspell (

3) Create you IIS web site via the Microsoft Management Console

- right click your web site and select "Properties"
- select the "Home Directory" tab
- choose your "Local Path"
- in the "Application Settings" box, select "Configuration"
- select the "Mappings" tab
- make sure the extension ".cgi" is mapped to the Perl executable
"C:\perl\bin\perl.exe %s" (replace path as necessary)
- create a directory under your "Local Path" called cgi-bin and place
BBCorrectorServer.cgi there
- execute the following two commands:
adsutil.vbs SET w3svc/CreateCGIWithNewConsole "1"
adsutil.vbs SET w3svc/CreateProcessAsUser "0"
I found "adsutil.vbs" under C:\Inetpub\AdminScripts. Your mileage may vary but these
two commands MUST be run.
- restart your web site

4) Modify BBCorrectorServer.cgi to reflect your system configuration

- change perl executable path. Example:
- change path to aspell executable. Example:
my $cmdAspellExe = "\"D:/Program Files/Aspell/bin/aspell\"";

V0.75 Beta
* Fix fields not being dirty after replacing mispellings

V0.81 RC1
* Only add "Spelling" menu item to applications that can potentially support it
* Display please wait dialog when performing spell check
* Change non error Dialog's to Status's that disappear after an amount of time
or escape key

V0.91 RC2
* Explicity say whether to use a MDS proxy or not. Apparantly the default for certain Nextel
models is different to other carriers
* Rearrange order of options screen menu items

V1.0 Final
* Removed default URL in options screen.

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