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Blackberry JADtool


the Blackberry JADtool by BlackberryFreaks is a desktop application which was based on the original Blackberry OTA downloader but which is now also able to download protected blackberry OTA files.

you are probably asking yourself, "What the f*** are protected OTA files"? well, you might have already found out that, sometimes, when using the OTA downloader to download some COD/JAD files, that the COD files looked to be corrupted. This is because some sites only allow you to download the files directly from your blackberry, if not downloaded through a blackberry, the COD files will become unusable. To work around this issue, blackberryfreaks has now designed a blackberry OTA file downloader which will simulate a blackberry, so the websites you are downloading your OTA files from will now actually think you are downloading the files through a blackberry and not through some kind of other browser or application....

Blackberry JADtool

Notice that our Blackberry JADtool is currently still in Beta, this software might still not work correctly with all OTA files. if no luck with the JADTool you can still try to use the OTA downloader.



download the BlackberryJADtool here