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Blackberry OTA downloader


the Blackberry OTA downloader is a desktop application from which doesn't need to be installed on your Blackberry, you can run it from your desktop. What it actually does? Well, it downloads OTA files from the internet through your desktop computer instead of using your blackberry. So you don't need to use your blackberries browser anymore and spend expensive wireless traffic for downloading this great OTA theme or software package. Yes you heared it right, this software can download both OTA themes and software, since they actually both use the same format...

Blackberry OTA downloader

So what are the greatest benefits of this OTA downloader:

1. If you don't have access to the internet on your blackberry (because your admin or provider disabled the blackberry browser) you can still install OTA software or themes.

2. don't spend expensive GPRS traffic anymore. Most likely its cheaper to download data through your desktop instead of your blackberry.

3. You don't have to worry anymore about OTA files which will dissapear when the hoster changes his site, you can now make an offline backup on your own computer...

Blackberry OTA downloader

Probably you were also asking yourself how to install these downloaded OTA files? Well here is a small explenation:

First of all, you will need to make sure that all downloaded OTA files are moved on the blackberries device memory or memory card.

Its easy to put it on the memory card,  just connect the blackberry to your computer, enter the mass storage password on the blackberry when asked for and your memory card will pop-up on your computer as if it was a normal memory stick.

If you want to put the download in the device memory, you will need to have the desktop manager installed. When your desktop manager is booted you can go to the “media manager” and browse to the device memory under “my devices”  make sure that the system is set to allow all files to be imported in the device memory.

Once you have uploaded all COD and JAD files you can disconnect the blackberry from the computer.

Now open the media application on the blackberry, and press the left button next to the trackball to open the full menu.  Here you will need to click “explore”.  Now browse to the location where your OTA download is installed.
Once you’ve located the jad and cod files, select the JAD file (it should be only 1 file) and click “open”.  Now you will see the details about this file on your blackberry such as name, version and vendor. Here you will need to select the “download” button on the bottom of the screen.  Once the application is downloaded you will be able to install or use the application.

You are now ready to use your blackberry OTA installation….


download the Blackberry OTA downloader here