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Category Blackberry News/Communication

Aloqa gives you information on near friends, restaurants, radio stations and many more

APNews brings you the best news from Associated Press.

BBcalls is a skype like client for blackberry which makes it possible to make cheap or even free calls using your blackberry

BerryPopup opens new messages automatically whenever you receive them

Blackberry forum banner use this banner to pimp your blackberry signature, show other members that you are a real blackberry freak....

Blipsocial finds your current location without GPS and is able to locate a nearby trainstation or facebook friends. OS 4.2 or higher

Chat on Facebook enables it for you to also chat with your online facebook contacts over your blackberry

CrunchSMS is an iPhone bubble style chat application for the blackberry

DriveSafely is freeware blackberry software which reads your mails and textmessages while you're driving

Empower SMS Viewer enhances the way you view SMS text messages on your blackberry

EQO is a freeware mobile blackberry chat client which has the same functionallity as skype, it allows you to call all around the globe using your blackberry for rates as low as 2.3 cents/minute

Foursquare lets you earn badges for visiting places with other users / friends.

Halal food guide informs you about which food is Halal and which food is Haram

iotum talk-now is a New Presence application for Blackberry which will inform your friends on when you will be available for chat

iSkoot Skype is a mobile Skype VOIP client for blackberry blackberry OS 4.2 to 4.

Jimm mobile messenger is an ICQ™ clone for mobile devices

JaikuBerry mobile BLOG client for blackberry

Litefeeds is a freeware RSS reader for blackberry

Nobex Radio Companion for blackberry recognizes what song is currently playing on the radio and sends you an email with detailed information about the artist and trackname within minutes.

Palringo is a chat client which connect to the most popular messenger networks such as AIM, Yahoo Messenger and MSN for blackberry OS 3.6 - 4.2

Piconews is a user-friendly and simple software giving you the opportunity to receive news items from all over the world on your Blackberry at any time in any place. The content which you are interested in is now available to roaming users like you!

Prayer times gives you the time and direction to pray for 24.000 cities worldwide

radar is a new way to share pictures taken with your mobile device on your blackberry 8100, 8300 or 8800

Ramble is an application designed to let users access the AOL Instant Messenger™ network via a Research in Motion BlackBerry® device

uQuran is a full and free Holy Quran for blackberry

viigo is a freeware RSS reader for blackberry pearl, 8800 and later models

watch youtube videos on your blackberry with this amazing online blackberry service

wattpad blackberry freeware e-book reader with some cool blogging features

WhatsApp is a freeware messenger application for your blackberry

Yahoo Go! 3.0 is a mobile all in one application which allows you to send emails, share pictures, download maps, check your stock quotes or many many more things