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25 languages phrasebook is a mobile e-phrasebook which translates words and small sentences into 25 different languages.

AddOnis blocks unwanted calls to your blackberry

Al-Morafiq is a English to Arabic translator which covers more then 30.000 words

Beamberry is a powerful document viewer that can open PDF files and office document files ( PDF, Word, PPT, XLS, RTF, ZIP )

Berry-A-Code tells you in real-time the originating city and state for phone numbers which do not exist in your address book.

boobsie is an easy internet lookup tool for blackbery OS 4.2 which supports some of the biggest online sites.

Blackberry Calculator is a conversion calculator, hex calculator, "tape-roll" adding machine, scientific calculator, engineering calcuator, triginometric calculator - and more!

BBcorrector (Blackberry spelling corrector) is a client/server based Spell Checking application for the BlackBerry device. It adds 2 system wide menu options to allow you to perform a spell check on any compatible field in any BlackBerry application. These menu options are "Spelling" and "Spelling Suggestion".

BBNotepad allows you to create textfiles on your blackberry and store them on your memorycard

Cortado Connect online storage for blackberry (1Gb free storage)

currencyconverterpro is a currency converter for blackberry

eFile™ 3.200.030 provides a robust and flexible UI framework allowing users to manage their files of different type stored on their handheld and the corporate network.

English Language Acronyms Dictionary for Blackberry is a freeware Acronym dictionary for blackberry

Fastmail is blackberry freeware software allows you to create shortcuts so you can email or forward email to common address with a single click

Fidelity Anywhere wireless investment access for blackberry

Gridmagic Spreadsheet editor for Blackberry

IfByPhone blackberry phone conference tool

insurance dictionary 4.1 for blackberry provides broad coverage of the terminology employed in insurance, including legal and financial terms likely to be used in everyday insurance activities

Jabplite is a freeware bank account manager for blackberry

Marketfilters stock quote puts stock quotes and technical analysis right on your BlackBerry device. Stay up to date on the stock market anywhere. Scan for stock trade ideas.

Minisafe Desktop is a freeware blackberry application which allows to safely store all your secret info such as passwords and creditcard details

Mobfolio is a financial portfolio manager for blackberry

Mobipocket reader for Blackberry is a freeware e-book reader for Blackberry. The application is free and then you can buy ebooks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your PC, and also from everywhere if you buy from your Blackberry.

Money Manager for blackerry is an other management tool to help you keep track of all your daily expenses

Myalarm is a freeware application which makes it possible to set more then 1 alarm on your blackberry

with MyTasks you can divide your different tasks into projects

Onesearch Voice is a voice recognizing search engine created by Yahoo!

Postelly is an easy to use communication and innovation platform for your company

RandomPasswordGenerator generates new passwords for your automatically

RideCharge Taxi Magic allows you to book taxi rides through your blackberry

Spell'n'Dial translates phonenumbers such as 1-800-contact to normal phonenumbers such as 1-800-2668228

Stock Viewer is a software designed for continuous retrieval of stock quotes through the Blackberry (NYSE and NASDAQ stocks)

Truphone makes it possible to make cheap calls to other countries for only a couple of cents!

Upvise Projects Manager is a easy project management tool for blackberry

Upvise Workspaces gives you the possibility to create workspaces to categorize and store all types of information.

Infospace FindIt can be used to find local banks, restaurants, shopping malls and thousands of tourist destinations on your blackberry.

Vlingo is voice recognition software for blackberry OS 4.2.1 - 4.7 do anything such as voice dialing or update your facebook with vlingo

Vtap is a mobile version of wikipedia, search through text, pictures or even mobile video files to find what you are looking for

XTemplate is an easy business application which makes it possible to create templates which can be used in your emails