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Tools/Utilities Category

Create-A-JAD creates JAD and ALX files out of COD files, so you can convert OTA files to desktop installer files and vice-versa!

Antair e-mail headers reveals the headers of every email on your blackberry (4.1+)

Appinforevealed gives you detailed information on installed blackberry software. a must have utility for your system (4.6+)

Autolock automatically locks the BlackBerry Pearl keyboards after the backlight turns off. (works with 7130v and 8100 Pearl)

Battery Watch lets you monitor various parameters for your blackberries battery

BBLight is a freeware Blackberry Application which is especially handy on the Blackberry 7230 and Blackberry 7290, it gives you the possibility to activate the background light by a few parameters which can be chosen by the user.

BBScreenShooter allows screenshots from a Blackberry device 71xx, 72xx and 87xx - OS >4.02 required.

BBScreenStreamer watch your BlackBerry display on your PC screen, OS > 4.02 required

benchmark tool for blackberry calculates your blackberry's speed and compares it to other blackberry models

BerryBuzz is a freeware blackberry tool which is able to change the color of your LED status indicator depending on the message you received

Beyond411 (previously known as Berry411) provides free and convenient mobile search on your Blackberry. It’s cheaper, more effective, and more complete than calling 411.

Blackberry Device Info Utility gives you the possibility to see different blackberry parameters which you normally don't see

Blackberry OTA downloader is a freeware tool which allows you to download OTA software through your desktop

Blackberry Video Converter is a free utility that encodes video so you can play it on any RIM Blackberry with an expandable media card (currently the Pearl and 8800). It does this with a simple, intuitive interface that was created with usability in mind.

Blackberry Task Manager is a windowsstyle taskmanager which gives you information on running processes and memory consumption

ColorIDLite changes the statusLED color depending on the senders identity

Comcut adds 6 useful extra shortcuts to your homescreen

Extralight transforms your Blackberry statusLED into a flashlight

Keyboard Lock utility locks your Blackberry after a certain IDLE time

J2ME VNC for RIM This is a repackaging of the J2ME VNC midlet for Java-enabled BlackBerry devices

JL_Cmder JavaLoader batch utility might be able to recover blackberries which aren't recognized by the desktop redirector anymore

MagicIcon gives you the possibility to replace default icons by your own icon immediately on your blackberry

Minimoni is a freeware GPRS traffic monitor for blackberry

mIQ is an online backup utility for your blackberry

MobilePK is a clinical pharmacokinetic freeware tool for Blackberry.

RestartMe reboots your blackberry with a single click, works from OS 4.2 on

Scanlife scans special barcodes using your Blackberry camera and translates them to a valid URL.

Showeventlog is a light event viewer for Blackberry

SmartBBattery displays the current battery status on your blackberries homescreen

SoftReset is a small tool which makes it possible to reset your blackberry pearl without pulling the battery

Stopwatch v1.0 this is a freeware stopwatch for your blackberry

Quicklaunch creates fast shortcuts to any blackberry application