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Connect a Non-RIM phone to the blackberry network


Here you can find a brief manual and the necessary tools to connect your NON-RIM hardware (windows mobile operated smartphones) to the blackberry network using the blackberry connect software.

first of all you will need the handheld client which needs to be installed on your smartphone.

Second you will need the Blackberry Desktop Connector which obviously needs to be installed on your desktop...

you will need to run the software on your handheld (under settings). Just follow the install prompts and you will get there.

if you are using a BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) you won't need the desktop client. Just start the application (under your settings or from the Today screen), click Email Setup and create a new account or use your existing account.

If you are using a BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) you will need to setup your Outlook 2003 to connect to your exchange server first, then install the Blackberry Connect Desktop software (see the link above for the download) Install it and connect your Windows Mobile Smartphone, next follow all info displayed on the screen.

Below images might be helpfull in order to help you installing Blackberry Connect:

Blackberry Connect Blackberry Connect

Blackberry Connect Blackberry Connect

Blackberry Connect Blackberry Connect