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Cortado Connect


Cortado connect is an online storage solution for your blackberry which provides you 1Gb of free online storage space which can be accessed from your blackberry. So whenever your memorystick gets full, just transfer some of the data to cortado and you're up for some more pics or other media....

1. Set up a free account

first of all you will need to sign up for a free cortado storage account with 1Gb of free storage space

cortado connect blackberry

2. Download the Cortado Client.

after you have installed the cortado client on your blackberry you will be able to find back the next cortado icon on your blackberry:

Cortado client for blackberry

3. access your directory

Select “Cortado Connect” in the main menu of your BlackBerry and you will see a list of available drives including your directory under “Online Drives“. The first time you open the directory, you will be asked for your username and password. After the Cortado Client successfully connects to your account, you will see your files and directories. for blackberry access

4. manage your files

after you have selected some files in your cortado directory you will be able to:

  • OPEN 
  • CUT 
  • SORT

your files.

cortado file manager

  download the cortado connect desktop installer for blackberry OS 4.2 here
Download the cortado connect blackberry software for Blackberry OS 4.2 OTA here
Download cortado connect OTA for Blackberry OS 4.02 > 4.1 here
dont forget to sign up for an Box.NET account in order to get cortado connect to work