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Empower SMS Viewer 4.2.1+


Empower SMS Viewer is SMS Software for all texting addicts out there, with Empower SMS Viewer you can give your SMS messages a chatstyle screen, see different icons for both incomming or outgoing SMS messages, or even have smilies inside your messages.

Some of Empower SMS Viewer features are:

  • Seamless Integration with the native SMS app.
  • Incoming and Outgoing SMS icons.
  • Turn URLs into colorful web-links.
  • Express better with real graphic Smileys!
  • Different options for font, style, headers etc.
  • Numerous customization option to configure it exactly the way you want.
  • Supported on ALL OS 4.2.1 and above!

difference normal SMS and empowerSMSviewer

empower SMS viewer for blackberry



  download Empower SMS Viewer for blackberry OS 4.2.1 or up here