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Fastmail is a freeware Blackberry software which allows you to create shortcuts so you can email or forward email to common address with a single click. Create forwarding groups so that you can forward email to groups or keep yourself up to date by being able to quickly forward between your work and home address.

Requires Minimum Blackberry OS 4.0

Fastmail For Blackberry

How to use?

Add Email Target : enter in a display name and email address (only one email address allowed).

Add Forward Target : enter in a display name and list of email addresses (one or more).

Add From Address Book : launches the address book application where you can choose a contact by pressing enter or select email person.

Edit Target : edit the selected target

Delete Target : delete the selected target

Close/Escape : Minimize Application

Kill (close) : Closes application and removes email and forward contacts until program is opened again


  You can download Fastmail for blackberry OS 4.0 or greater HERE