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Blackberry freeware GPS software Category

Accutracking Blackberry GPS tracking software allows you to find friends or trace their travelroute / speed. notice that you will need to buy a monthly subscription to use this service, however the software itself is freeware

AmazeGPScompanion is an amazing travel companion which makes use of your build in Blackberry GPS receiver

BBTrips is a triplogger for blackberry which uses the build in GPS module. Works on Blackberry OS 4.2.1 or greater

Blipsocial finds your current location without GPS and is able to locate a nearby trainstation or facebook friends. OS 4.2 or higher

Boobsie is a small tool which makes it easier to perform lookups or searches on Wikipedia, CitySearch, or one of the many other supported sites.

Cellflare uses your blackberries build in GPS to trace your friends on an interactive map

everytrail allows you to perform geoblogging and share interesting routes

GPSed is freeware software for Blackberry OS 4.2 and greater which allows you to trace your tracks on realtime on Google maps and have them stored in an online archive

Infospace FindIt: find local banks, restaurants, shopping malls and thousands of tourist destinations on your blackberry (GPS can be used).

MobileGMaps is freeware GPS software for blackberry OS 4.2 and up which uses maps from various sources, use GPS to locate you and your friends, search for addresses and get directions, view subway maps, traffic information, map mashups and more

MyLocation is freeware Blackberry GPS software which allows you to share your current location on Google Maps

SitOrSquat is a freeware restroom localisator for your Blackberry OS 4.2.1, Blackberry Storm supported

Speedometer is a small freeware application which makes it possible for you to calculator your exact speed and traveled distance by using the build in blackberry GPS receiver.

Where for OS 4.6 can give you information on the closest starbucks, hotels, cheapest gas prices and many more....