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Infospace FindIt GPS mapping for blackberry

Infospace FindIt can be used to find local banks, restaurants, shopping malls and thousands of tourist destinations on your blackberry.

Blackberry GPS Mapping software


1. Search by Name
To Search by Name, simply enter the name of what you are looking for, and InfoSpace Find It! will return local results that match. From there, you can choose to call the location, view a map, receive directions, or find what's nearby.

2. Browse by Category
If you want to Browse by Category, you can choose from six category options, including Dine Out, Go Out, Shop, Travel, Health and Services. Each category lists relevant local merchants or information, ranked by proximity to your current location.

3. Maps & Directions
You can quickly and easily find the fastest way from point A to point B with Maps & Directions. InfoSpace Find It! identifies where you are through GPS technology and presents maps and directions to or from a business, friend or location.


download FindIt to your desktop notice that the required download might depend on your provider and/or blackberry model.

download FindIt OTA by following this link: