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mIQ blackberry online backup tool

mIQ is a freeware online backup solution for your blackberry. mIQ grabs all data such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, call logs etc. and pushes it to a safe offsite location on the web.
Did you just flush your blackberry down the toilet? no problem, when you purchase a new blackberry, just install mIQ again and retrieve all your data back from the online database in minutes!

mIQ blackberry backup tool

When your contacts are synchronized with the mIQ service, you can even view your contacts and send SMS messages in "Instant Messaging Style"




  • Full contact sync between your phone & the Web
  • Read, reply, and create new text messages from your computer - threaded by conversation
  • Add, edit and delete calendar events from the web
  • Instantly upload photos & videos to the Web where you can view, edit, organize & share
  • Single click media upload to Facebook, Flickr, & Twitter
  • Update your status on Facebook & Twitter
  • Visual voicemail on your computer
  • Set Web favorites, ringtones & speed dials from your computer
  • Transfer contacts & settings from your old phone to your new one
  you can download mIQ for blackberry OS 4.1 or higher here (OTA Download)