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Nobex song recognizer for blackberry

Nobex Radio Compaion is a blackberry freeware application which gives you the possibility to recognize whatever song you hear. The principle is simple, if you hear a song you like on the radio, but you can't recognize it or you don't know what the author or artist of this song is, just turn on your Blackberry with Nobex Radio Companion and put your blackberry in front of the speakers or in the air, the next thing what will happen is that Nobex Radio Companion will search on its servers for this song and send you within moments an email with detailed information about the artist and name of the song. You might ask yourself how they make profit of this? Well, Nobex Radio Companion is working together with music stores such as itunes...

Nobex song recognizer for blackberry Nobex Radio Companion for blackberry

  you can download Nobex Radio Companion for Blackberry OS 4.2 here