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Onesearch Voice

Onesearch Voice is an easy mobile voice guided search engine created by Yahoo! All you need to do is speak in your phone and relevant search results will popup on the fly.

Blackberry Onesearch voice Blackberry Onesearch voice

Unlike traditional voice recognition systems, Yahoo! oneSearch with voice allows you use your natural way of speaking to initiate a search. Just say anything you would type in the search box, and get accurate answers. Ask for restaurant listings, movie showtimes, sports scores or flight status and the answer will be delivered, right to your phone. In the mood for Japanese food? Just say “Sushi Restaurants in San Francisco” to find restaurants near you. Or, check flight status instantly by just saying “United Airlines 1505.” Say virtually anything that’s on your mind—Yahoo! oneSearch with voice will get you what you need to know.

Blackberry Onesearch voice

the best of all: yahoo! Onesearch with voice uses a built-in feedback system, this means that it learns from your voice, the more you use it the better it gets since the software adapts itself to your voice. so ho more you use it, the more accurate the voice recognition will become.

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