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Piconews RSS Reader


Piconews is a user-friendly and simple software giving you the opportunity to receive news items from all over the world on your Blackberry at any time in any place. The content which you are interested in is now available to roaming users like you!

  • thanks to an easy subscription from the start to information feeds through Piconews software.
  • by adding or deleting feeds from the catalog,
  • by receiving a regular update of dispatches,
  • thanks to simple graphics that make news easy to read,
  • and of course allowing you to forward your favorite information by email to friends and colleagues...

You can remotely browse our rich and international feed catalog. At any time, you can add your preferred missing feeds into the catalog.

Thanks to its high level of software integration, Piconews can natively handle all versions of RSS format, as well as more advanced format such as ATOM. You can download the latest version for free.

Piconews for blackberry Piconews for blackberry

Piconews for blackberry Piconews for blackberry

Detailed information about Piconews

Feed catalog

This feed catalog is shared across all Piconews users. The feeds you or others add are available for all, but you also have the possibility to register private feeds which are only visible by you. You don't want the world to read your internal family blog as no one would be interested in reading its content? Add this feed in the catalog by checking the private checkbox. You found this blog dealing with French recipes no one else has ever tried? Share it with Piconews community, and help other to find it by classifying it accordingly.

Each feed in the catalog can have several categories, to easily find it after wards. You can also look up in the feed catalog by keywords. Looking for a feed dealing with java? Just type in java in the search field and get the list of feeds available on Piconews about Java technology.

Alternatively, the feed catalog can be browsed by categories, by fetching all feeds under a given category. You may be interested only in Movies. Just download from Piconews all the feeds about Movies, and here you go...

Downloading news items

News items are pushed on your Blackberry thanks to our innovative technology. By maintaining a low bandwidth consumption and low latency connection with our server, you do not have to manually request news item, they are downloaded in background as soon as they are available on the Piconews server.

Piconews is integrated with the BlackBerry browser, so that you can read the full article from Piconews with one click on the Trackwheel.


Keypad shortcuts, clear user interface, Piconews philosophy is to display news feeds and help you easily navigate through this information. You can display at any times only the unread news, jump from unread news to the next, hide feeds you do not want to see to clear space for others.

Piconews graphics are made simple not to consume unneeded screen area. The number of displayed news is maximized, and you can see more news at one time, to browse these news items quickly.


Piconews is designed to be highly optimized for BlackBerry devices: The User Interface is highly responsive, the memory and CPU consumption is very low, so that your BlackBerry battery lasts longer.


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