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Ramble blackberry AOL messenger


Ramble is an application designed to let users access the AOL Instant Messenger™ network via a Research in Motion BlackBerry® device.

As a technology demonstration, Ramble has been developed from the ground up as BlackBerry application integrated into key areas of Blackberry operating system. The software will function on BlackBerry devices with version 4.0 or higher of the operating system. Check your user manual to learn how to find this information.

Key features of Ramble include:

  • AOL Instant Message Compatibility
  • Real-Time IM with multiple "Buddies"
  • Buddy List® Interaction and Management
  • Color-coded Conversations and Chats
  • Audible and Vibrate Alerts of Instant Message Events
  • Private Multi-Buddy Chat Capability
  • Public Chat Capability
  • Background application capability (you can stay logged in and use email and other functions at the same time)
  • System Alert Dialogs so you know when someone has IM'd you even when you're not in the Ramble application!
  • Direct TCP Connectivity Available for BlackBerry OS v4.0
  • Message Time Stamps, Radio Signal Meter, Over-The-Air Installation, and much more!

Please note that you will need a valid AOL Instant Messenger Login in order for Ramble to work


download the ramble software to your desktop
download the ramble userguide in PDF format